Web design process

If your focus is on having someone with experience who’s dedicated towards creating something that will be effective for your needs, and that is something you’re willing to invest in, then we’ll work wonderfully together!

EXPLORATION of a website

01 / Exploration

I start every project with a questionnaire, which allows me to gain an understanding of your vision, goals and who your traget market is. This allows us to establish your key message that you want to get across and further helps us to define your online presence strategy. 

This review will sets the tone for our professional relationship moving forward and gives a good understanding of who you are and what your expectations are. 

Following the questionnaire and before we start any design work, I’ll get your approval on the project and its cost via a simple agreement.

02 / Creating

Now starts the fun part of creating your individual online presence. Once we have all your informations gathered from the previous step and all the assest such as the logo, images and content we can start creating your website
Each clients is individual so this will differ in each chase. In some chases we will create you logo or write the content for you depending on what your situation is. 

As soon as the first version is done you will be sent a link to review and give feedback on. In a second step all the inputs will be looked and and adjusted so that your website looks just like you have imagined it. 


the website has gone live

03 / Delivery & Follow-up

Once the final invoice has been paid, your website will go live.

After you’ve received the final training on how to adjust or change images on your page, I’ll answer any questions you may have about your new website. We can also discuss any further deliverables or other online presence services and support you may need.

I also like to get project feedback from you – to see how things went and so I can continue to improve my process/work. I then may use your testimonial to build a project case study – bragging about how awesome we were working together!